The emphasis on our farm has been on raising alpacas and llamas, "South American camelids." Since 1990, we have bought, sold and bred top champion alpacas at our Seldom Scene Farm, and have travelled to Peru to learn about them in their native environment.  They are gorgeous creatures with luxurious fiber.   We also raise sheep for their wool, and occasionally for meat.  Despite their reputation, sheep are friendly creatures with a lot of natural personality and curiosity! Rosa and the herd on a foggy morningBryn in the fogLucy and the Alpacas on a Frosty MorningBaby Alpaca with Leaf PrintLucy and the Alpacas, GoldenGrato, handsome llamaGirl and her lambMayapple LambHoss in the ConeflowersBrothers watching over the flockJello at the barn doorSheep in a Misty MeadowLucy with the alpaca flockZenyatta the alpaca