Although Lexington is most famous for Thoroughbred racehorses, there are many other wonderful breeds in the area, including the Rocky Mountain and Kentucky Mountain horses that we have for trailriding on our farm. Winter's Reflection Protective MamaGlowing foalPlayful babyBaby You Were Born to RunBluegrass Mom and BabyMonarchos with fall foliageRunning Rockies in the Spring SunHaughty foal photo printHorses on a frosty, foggy morningSun Valley horses black and whiteThere's One in Every BunchGuardian of the Foals, SepiaCheese!Black and White HorseLooking into his eyes....Fall Foxhunting GroupBlack and White and Red Hunt SceneFoxhunting Family, Woodford HoundsWoodford HoundsFoxhunter in Hunting RedGringo on a March afternoonContenderBreezing in Black and White